Post Office to Stay Put, Likely in the Bunker Hill Mall

Stamp it and send it, the U.S. Postal Service issued a final decision letter on whether or not to move/close the Charlestown post office, and the decision is to keep it open and within the Bunker Hill Mall.

The decision came in a letter to elected officials late last month, and indicated that the post office will move to a new location in the Mall, but it would keep the current location open until the new location is available.

“The Postal Service discussed the proposal with you at a public meeting on Sept. 24, 2018,” read the letter. “The Postal Service has carefully considered all of the concerns expressed in those discussions, as well as in the comments received after the public meeting. The Postal Service has decided to proceed with the relocation of the Post Office because the lease for its current facility has expired. The relocation will take place over the next several months within the Bunker Hill Mall, where the Post Office is currently operating.”

The letter said they would be able to maintain retail operations at the new location for the long term, and they anticipate providing all the same services that the old location provides – including Post Office Boxes.

“The full details still need to be revealed,” said State Rep. Dan Ryan. “It appears, however, the Post Office is staying in Charlestown; and somewhere within the Bunker Hill Mall. This is great news. The Boston Postmaster and his team were completely responsive professionals throughout this process. We set up public meetings through his office. We kept two-way communication. Unfortunately, due to the vast national structure of the USPS, the Real Estate Division was not nearly as competent. They seemed to move further and further to the South when important decisions and communication were needed. I’m still chasing some guy in North Carolina for some details and confirmations. But, all signs point toward continued service.”

Councilor Lydia Edwards concurred that it was good news, and thanked Judy Evers of her staff for keeping ahead of the issue.

“I am thrilled the Post Office will continue to maintain its presence in Charlestown,” said Councilor Edwards. “I want to thank all parties who worked diligently to ensure this could happen, and I am particularly grateful to my Charlestown liaison Judy Evers.”

The lease ran out officially on Dec. 31, 2018, and the Post Office has been looking for new locations since that time – while operating month to month at the current location. During the process, things became dicey and there was at one point the threat that Charlestown could potentially lose its 02129 zip code. That, apparently, has all been settled.

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