Charlestown Sprouts Again Victimized by Devastating Theft

For the second time this spring, the Charlestown Sprouts Community Garden, located between Terminal Street and the Little Mystic Channel (“the Oilies”), has experienced a devastating theft.  In April, gardeners reported that copper pipes and the systems control valves had been stolen, cutting off water to the garden.  Now, overnight on Friday May 25th, six water spigots and the attached pipes were removed.  The total cost of repair is currently estimated at $3,000 – more than two times the annual budget of the organization.  Most gardeners are of limited means and this garden is used by them to support their nutritional needs in addition to being an important place for exercise and community. Gardeners will be discussing ways to deal with these challenging series of events. If you want to help the gardeners, please contact Gerald Robbins at [email protected] or 617-241-7717.  If you have information about the theft, please contact the Boston Police.

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