Boys Under 12-1

Charlestown 1, Wakefield 0 — On Saturday at Moulton Field, the Charlestown BU12-1 team defeated Wakefield 1-0 in their penultimate match of the season.  A cool, precisely placed goal by team captain Mark Williamson captured the lead for the team in the first half. The winless Wakefield team put up a strong fight against the Charlestown team missing several opportunities on goal. However, the dexterity of goalie Tyler Goldman in the first half and the athleticism of Nolan McLoughlin in goal for the second half ensured that the Charlestown team retained the lead for the rest of the match.  With one match left, the team has performed well in its first season in Division 2 and has clearly earned the right to play at this high level.  Considering that the boys only started traveling a year ago, it is hard to dispute that this is an impressive group of soccer players with great potential for the Spring season. Next up: Wilmington at home Nov. 6, 1:30 p.m.

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