Boys Under 10-3 Charlestown3, Burlington 0

Charlestown faced off against Burlington for the second time this season and managed to pull off another win, beating Burlington, 3-0. This game was not a lay up for Charlestown. The first half of the game saw many shots on goals by both teams, but nobody managed to sneak one in and after the first half, the score was 0-0. Charlestown started this game with a strong offensive line-up of Giancarlo Marte, Scott Sigmund and Cole Strachan. They hustled their way down the field, but Burlington’s defense was very strong and hard to pull off any goals. Willam Moody and Christopher Reed continued their reign as our star defensive line-up and goalie, Owen Sullivan, was on his toes, blocking shots on goal and firing the ball back down field.

The second half of the game saw this team truly come together. They were amazing! Cole Strachan took his turn at goalie and blocked some truly nail-biting shots from Burlington. Calvin Szulc dominated at defense for the second half, hustling all over the field and setting up the offense with some great passes. Second half of the game started with Giancarlo, Scott and Owen as our offensive line-up – they worked their magic with some amazing passing and positioning. Giancarlo pulled off the first goal of the game with a nice assist by Owen. We then saw Scott down at net with the perfect opportunity at a goal and he sent the ball flying in to the net. It was a beauty! Fergus Sullivan, resident goalie, who has been out with a broken foot, managed to get in goal at the end of the game, sending his teammates cheering to see him back in the game! Giancarlo then managed to score the third and final goal, ending this game with a nice win on a bitterly cold, fall day! The boys were ecstatic with this win – as were their coaches, who are so proud of how much this team has accomplished this season!

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