Police Blotter 11-03-2010

10/25/10 – Drinking in Public

An officer in the area of Old Ironsides Way placed two individuals under arrest for drinking in public.

10/27/10 – Drugs

Officers in the area of Eden and Main streets placed a suspect under arrest for possession of a class a drug (heroin).

10/27/10 – Drugs

As a result of a drug investigation in the area of Corey Street, an individual was taken into custody for possession of heroin. Suspect was also charged with an outstanding default warrant issued out of Fitchburg Court.

10/28/10 – Disorderly Person

As a result of a disturbance on Medford Street, an individual was placed under arrest and charged with being a disorderly person.

10/26/10 – Investigate Property

A victim on Medford Street reported that a folder containing personal information was missing from her home. Officers did not see any signs of forced entry. It’s possible the front door may have been left unlocked.

10/30/10 – Investigate Property

Officers responded to Union Street for a house alarm. Upon arrival, they observed the rear porch door to be open. Officers checked the premises, saw no forced entry and secured the rear door. The officers were able to contact the alarm company but were unable to notify to the owner at this time.

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