Local Authors Release New Book

Charlestown Nursery School is thrilled to announce that Jean Martin Cadène and Nancy Wovers Cadène, along with Isabella Cadene, have just released a beautiful photo book entitled “Pond, Lake, River, Sea: Life Along the Path of the Mystic.” This second book of photographs by Cadène highlights the wildlife in our local waterways. The introduction highlights the project’s partnership with Charlestown Nursery School, and the closing includes reflections from the Mystic River Watershed Association.

Charlestown Nursery School shares, “On the water, we view the wildlife right here in our backyard from a closer perspective, marveling at details that aren’t visible on land. This experience and research informs our teaching as we share a commitment to appreciating and protecting the wild gifts of our urban environment.” The hope is that the book inspires many readers to do the same.

This collection of photographs takes readers along the Mystic, from Horn Pond to the Mystic Lakes, the Mystic River, and Boston Harbor. The stunning photographs of birds, fish, and native wildlife draw readers in and inspire wonder and awe.

Like our first collaboration, “My Neighbors Have Feathers,” Jean, Nancy, and the Charlestown Nursery School community hope this book can make it to the hands of every student in Charlestown. In this second publication, they are selling the books in bundles (for $100, buy 1 and donate 2 to local children). If they reach their goal, they will be able to bring books to every child in each public program in the neighborhood.

As naturalists who share these waterways with so much wildlife, they look forward to the opportunity to introduce every child and adult to the range of life in these incredible habitats. If you would like to support this project, the books have been printed and are on sale now through Venmo @charlestownnurseryschool and there will also be copies for sale at the “Pond, Lake, River, Sea: Life Along the Path of the Mystic,” Book Launch Party on Sunday, April 28th, from 3:30 to 5:00 at Charlestown Nursery School. Individual copies may also be purchased there for $35. To learn more about Jean Martin Cadène’s photos visit www.oiseauxphoto.com.

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