Charlestown High School Turf Replacement Construction Update

Boston Parks understands the Charlestown High School Fields are a major recreational part of the Charlestown community and we continue to strive to reduce impacts during construction. We appreciate your patience during the renovation of these facilities.

What Has Happened In April:

• Removal of the existing turf surface including the carpet and infill began April 17.

• The rubberized track surface was removed and the asphalt base was milled to accept a new base.

• Utility work for new drinking fountains was completed and the water lines are stubbed to the location for 2 new bottle fillers.

What To Expect In May:

• Football Field and Track

• A new asphalt base will be installed in Early May. The asphalt needs several weeks to cure before the final surface can be scheduled.

• Multipurpose Softball/Soccer field

• Permits will continue to be honored for use of the field at least through Bunker Hill Day.

Football field prepared for turf and track ready for asphalt base.

Anticipated Construction Timelines

• Early June 2023: Turf delivery for both fields

• June 2023: Football field installation begins

• Late June/Early July 2023: Multipurpose field demo begins

• July 2023: multipurpose field installation begins; rubberized track surface begins

• August 2023: both fields re-open

Other Items:

Please use 311 to document non-emergency issues relating to park use, and 911 for emergency situations relating to public safety. Construction questions and concerns can be directed to Cathy Baker-Eclipse, Project Manager for Boston Parks and Recreation ([email protected]).

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