Save Pier 5 Party Will Focus on Getting Open Space on the Pier

The Pier 5 Association has announced a Save Pier 5 Party for Thursday, Aug. 26, on or near the pier in the Navy Yard.

The event will go from 4-7 p.m. between Courageous Sailing and Pier 6 Restaurant, and will include food, music, games, refreshments, face painting educational displays and crafts.

Most critically, the Association will the talking to attendees about by saving Pier 5 is critical, what the Association says is an historic site positioned at the Head of Boston Harbor.

“With your help, Pier 5  will be restored as a public, open, maritime and historical, educational and interactive waterfront park for all to enjoy,” read information announcing the event. “Its restoration will preserve the site for future generations to access and enjoy. Its restoration will enhance the waterfront experience for residents, community, the City of Boston and visitors young and seniors.

“Pier 5 should not be developed as a restricted private commercial venture for the benefit of a few at the expense of public access, preservation, environmental protection of Boston Harbor, the Harborwalk and waterfront open space access for all,” continued the information.

Other arguments are the historic value of the pier, the environmental resiliency benefits for flood prevention, keep the Courageous Sailing operations undisturbed, and provide green space for the growing residential population to include the upcoming Bunker Hill Housing Development.

Pier 5 is the property of the Boston Planning and Development Agency and the Agency last year put out a request for development plans there. They got three plans back, two of which were based on floating housing concepts and one that was built on the Pier. Soon after, there was a good amount of backlash from some neighbors living near Pier 5. Two groups have emerged to play up the idea of making Pier 5 into a park, and the groups have raised money to employ O’Neill & Associates to lobby for them to get federal funding via the City to restore the Pier.

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