Finch Therapeutics Leases New Home at Hood Park

A life science therapeutics company from just over the Somerville line now located on Inner Belt Road has taken out a lease on 61,000 sq. ft. of lab/research space at Hood Park this month – making it their second location and one they are very excited about.

Finch Therapeutics said the company is growing, and Hood Park was a natural and exciting choice for expansion just a stone’s throw from their Inner Belt Road location off Cambridge Street.

“We are looking forward to opening a second location at Hood Park in Charlestown that will significantly expand our office and laboratory space to accommodate our growing team and pipeline of investigational microbiome therapeutics,” read a statement to the paper from Finch. “We are thrilled to be a member of the vibrant life sciences community in the greater Boston area.”

Chris Kaneb, of Hood Park, said the addition brings more energy to their fast-growing life sciences base at Hood Park, and also brings a major lease of a lot of space in the new garage building – which also has a proposal now under review for adding a 156,000 sq. ft. tower above the garage for more life science uses.

“We’ve had a ton of activity lately and it’s just now percolating onto this side of Rutherford Avenue and really growing our life sciences base,” he said.

The lease also completes the lab space, parking and retail leases for the newly-constructed garage structure, which has all leases announced except a bowling and beer retail concept that isn’t yet completely public.

Landry’s Cycles, a popular bicycle retailer on Commonwealth Avenue and in the suburbs, has signed a major lease for the garage, as has an exercise gym and others.

Finch Therapeutics website said it is “developing a pipeline of microbiome therapeutics targeting gastrointestinal diseases and conditions that extend beyond the gut, with a candidate in late-stage clinical development for recurrent C. difficile, and candidates for inflammatory bowel disease, autism spectrum disorder, and chronic hepatitis B in pre-clinical development.”

There was no move-in date specified for Finch.

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