BPDA to Seek Permission to Put Out RFP for Power Plant Development

The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) is seeking approval from its Board on Thursday, Sept. 12, to advertise a Request for Proposals (RFP) to develop Building 108 (Power Plant) in the Navy Yard.

The building has been the focus of the neighborhood for many years, and the BPDA had not moved on the property for several years – though it always expressed future interest. This month, the Agency is finally seeking to put out an RFP for the property.

“The RFP will offer the Premises in ‘as is condition after the demolition is complete,” read the memo. “BPDA plans to issue the RFP in late September or Early October, with proposals due six weeks after the issuance date. BPDA anticipates completing proponent selection in early spring 2020. After demolition is complete, anticipated to be in fall 2020, the Premises may carry an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) restricting certain uses as a result of contaminants that are not able to be fully remediated.”

The Power Plant is in very poor condition and is highly contaminated.

A public meeting in May of this year drew a number of residents who favored issuing the RFP and would like to see uses such as offices, residential, hotels or commercial activity.

The property would be demolished on the dime of the BPDA, which already has a contract to take it down. However, the developer would have to do a full clean-up of the site for its particular use.

“The RFP will contain language alerting proponents to the risk of an AUL,” read the memo. “In that case, the developer would be responsible for any additional environmental mitigation required for their intended use if the proponent feels a need to do so. BPDA will issue an addendum if new information becomes available after the RFP is issued.”

•Building 33 To Be Sold

A 47-unit apartment building on Third Street (Building 33) is proposed to be sold to a Texas residential housing company – a purchase that would represent their first purchase in Boston.

Serone has agreed to purchase the property from 33 Navy Yard LLC and needs BPDA approval to assign the new lease. The current lease on the building is set to expire in 2066. As part of the sale, the BPDA will receive about $300,000 (approximately 15 percent of the sale price) as a condition of transferring the lease. The BPDA and the new owner are already considering talks to extend the lease beyond 2066 after the closing.

The total purchase price was not given, as the deal had not yet closed.

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