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Dear Editor:

I am writing in regards to last month’s letter regarding traffic, transportation, and Mayor Walsh not following through on his statements. Mr. Rob Pelychaty states that “over 300 residents” signed a petition for a so-called “preferred plan” for Rutherford Ave. that calls for more open, pedestrian/bicycle friendly areas, and reduces the lanes of traffic for automobiles. First of all, I’m sorry but 300 residents is not very many people. Especially compared to the population, who changes like these would affect daily. It’s a tiny percentage. I would hardly call it the “preferred plan.”

Secondly, with the new casino going up quickly across the river, the replacement of the Charlestown Bridge, the repairs on the Tobin combined with the gridlock seen daily at City and Sullivan Squares means that on this one square mile peninsula, there will be maybe one way in and out of town that will not be under construction for the foreseeable future. Do these 300 people seriously think reducing the underpasses and lanes in both directions on Rutherford will improve traffic? It will mean more and more cars using Main, Bunker Hill and Medford Streets to cut through the town rather than sit on Rutherford in standstill traffic. It’s already happening. If there were an emergency at rush hour, good luck to the first responders trying to get either in or out of Charlestown. Results will be slower response times and possibly worse.

I disagree that the city’s traffic projections are “consistently over exaggerated based on assumptions and bias.” I would say to the contrary, that they are underestimated. Just look at the streets of the town these days! Bias…toward whom or what?

Some of the city’s projections may be assumptions, however when a major resort/casino opens its doors across the street, exploding development of luxury condominiums and commercial space increasing and about 75% of the routes in and out of town are under construction, it’s safe to assume traffic will increase. In fact, it would be ignorant and short sighted to think otherwise. Wanting more green space for pedestrian and bicycle access that will be used by none too many, is naive.

Rutherford Avenue is a highway. It is industrial and extremely busy. With the overpass already gone, it has gotten busier and busier as cars and trucks are forced to go through the rotary, extremely backing things up. The Sullivan Sq off ramp from 93 North is sometimes backed all the way up the ramp, with more coming down Cambridge St., and Maffa Way.

To think people will give up their cars for the T or bicycles or walking in the future is hopeful I think, but unrealistic.

Dennis P. Elwell

High Pharmacy is closing after 57 years; last day is October 23

Dear Friends and Customers,

I have been privileged to serve Charlestown and the surrounding area over the past 57 years.  As you know the landscape of healthcare has changed across the country, so much so that, High Pharmacy will be closing on Monday, October 23rd at 5:00 PM. I have enjoyed working with and for the “townie” community while getting to know three generations of families. I am grateful to have been supported by professional and caring co-workers, Roger, Christine and Amy.  A personal thank you to Peggy Neitz and Kathy Conroy for years of service. I thank them all for their dedication and devotion which has contributed to our ability to continue to service you and the community.  Because your continuity of care is very important to me, we are pleased to inform you that at the end of business on October 23th your prescriptions for traditional medicine will be confidentially transferred to CVS Pharmacy at 509 Main Street, telephone (617) 242-2950.   Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for 57 years.

Carmen Merlino

Your prescriptions will be confidentially transferred to the CVS Pharmacy at: 509 Main Street, Bunker Hill Mall, Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129

Thank you from Harvest on Vine”

Dear residents of Charlestown: Thank you for the abundance of cereal you donated in response to last week’s Patriot-Bridge article. As usual, the people of Charlestown delivered big, and we are grateful for your generosity. To date we have receive more than 250 boxes of cereal, all of which will go to the neediest families in Charlestown.,

Tom MacDonald

Harvest on Vine Food Pantry, the emergency food pantry of St. Mary-St. Catherine.

of Siena Parish

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