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Story and Photos By Sal Giarratani


Sorry for being so tardy, but I wanted to congratulate the coaching staff, parents and player in the Charlestown Youth Hockey program, which had a well-attended Annual Appreciation Banquet at the Knights back  in June.

As Steve Lakus observed, «We are proud of our program. Hockey is a huge tradition in Charlestown, and we›re happy to have great players, parents and coaches.»



As someone who worked for 41 years for the Department of Mental Health in Boston, I know how difficult it is for family members when somebody meets their private day of doom. As both a mental health coordinator  and DMH police officer, I can not count the number of clients I worked with who committed suicide and a couple of DMH staff members, too. Some of these suicides were shocking as the person hid his or her pain quite well.

I admire Justyne, whose brother committed suicide back in 2014, working to raisedawareness and funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She and family members will be participating in the “Out of Darkness Walk” in Wakefield in September. If you wish to  donate in memory of Justyne’s brother, Danny, it would help bring meaning, purpose and healing for this family still grieving over Danny’s loss.

Look online for more information on this walk in September.





According to the Sal Poll, the McTeggarts are Charlestown’s favorite authentic Irish Band. They play all over Greater Boston and have a great sound. I can count the number of times this Gaelic-Garlic guy has heard them perform on the bandstand. They are one of the most popular  bands that perform at the Black Rose at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. When they are playing, watch the lines grow longer and longer. They have the sound and energy to keep you coming back for more.

I caught up with Jim Byrne( Dublin) and Mick O›Brien (Cork)  outside the Black Rose recently. Other members of the band include Joe Kessler. This band goes back to the Seventies, and they are a polished act. No wonder folks love them so much.

Jimmy and Mick waiting for a couple of great Italian sausages at Johnny 2 Dogs stand on a recent Saturday night.


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