Battle of Bunker Hill Road Race Returns to Its Roots on June 14

This year marks the 47th Annual Battle of Bunker Hill Road Race on June 14.   The event initially began as a race for the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club members and through the years it grew into a well-known and highly regarded competitive Road Race that raises crucial funds for the Club.  A number of years ago, in an attempt to accomplish dual goals to provide Club members with a race experience as well as appeal to Champion runners, the event was divided into two separate races.  However, with the second race came additional costs associated with it and it has becoming increasingly harder to keep the route clear of traffic for the extended period of time.

Therefore, this year the event returns to its roots, one single 5K race with the hope that club members, parents with little ones in strollers, and avid runners alike will be able to enjoy it.  The Club looks forward to seeing everyone there.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Pete Nash at 617-242-1775

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