LaMattina Assigned to Key Committee Posts

Charlestown City Councilor Sal LaMattina will continue to chair the committee on Economic Development, Planning and Labor and will serve as vice chair of Neighborhood Services & Veterans Affairs as well as Environment and Parks.

“I honored to be able to continue my work on development not only here in East Boston but across the city,” said LaMattina. “There is huge potential to really make our harbor the crowning jewel of the city.”

LaMattina pointed to waterfront development and the future ferry that will shuttle residents from the neighborhood to points in East Boston and the South Boston’s Innovation District as huge game changers for the neighborhood.

“I want to see good development on this side of the harbor,” said LaMattina. “I want to see good restaurants, shops and other amenities that will compliment the ferry service and draw people to our neighborhood.”

At a recent community meeting, LaMattina pointed to numerous development projects that has been spurred by waterfront development.

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