Large Crowd Expected to Attend Wynn Meeting here on Feb. 11

Residents and elected officials are gearing up for the first of what is hoped to be several face-to-face, unified meetings between all Charlestown residents and Wynn Everett officials.

Though the City is not taking a lead in the meetings and discussions due to ongoing litigation over the casino license with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), a large number of folks from the grass roots of the community have committed to leading the effort and getting the ball rolling with discussions about one of the largest developments to impact Charlestown since the Mystic/Tobin Bridge.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 11, from 6-9 p.m. in auditorium A-300 at Bunker Hill Community College. Parking will be available at the BHCC lots, but there will also be a shuttle service provided from the following locations, at 5:45 p.m. Shuttles will leave St. Catherine’s Church, St. Francis de Sales Church, corner of Eden and Main Streets, and St. Mary’s Church.

The meeting is sponsored by Engaged Charlestown Residents and Wynn Everett.

Lynne Levesque, who has been one of the coordinators for the discussion, said it will be a time to gather lots of information, to decide how to move forward and to ask questions.

Wynn will start by presenting information on the final casino license award conditions, jobs and economic development commitments, plans for cleaning up the contamination at the Everett site and the latest traffic developments around Rutherford Avenue and Sullivan Square.

“We are expecting City officials or their representatives to attend,” she said.

State Rep. Dan Ryan said he is in support of the meeting and plans to attend and engage.

“I’ll be going to the meeting,” said State Rep. Dan Ryan. “I’m glad Wynn is reaching out to the community. It’s one opportunity for the community to speak to a major developer coming to the neighborhood. I look forward to it and hope we can get to a place where there is an official capacity to organize these conversations. Until we do have that, I’m glad Wynn is making this effort to reach out to our community.”

The meeting will take place unless a state of emergency is declared, Levesque said.

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