Letters to the Editor

Charlestown is not Beacon Hill

Dear Editor,

The Charlestown neighborhood has changed much over the past twenty years. A new demographic of people have become part of this community, opening shops and participating in a wide array of local activities. Nonetheless, I feel that many people may need to be politely reminded that Charlestown is not Beacon Hill, and thus personal and idealogical views of this neighborhood may in fact be different in this particular Boston community.

The reason I feel the need to offer a friendly reminder of this is in large part due to much of the recent content offered within this newspaper as well as other local media distributed in Charlestown. Many of the editorials, news, and views published in the current genre of the Patriot-Bridge and others continuously reference Beacon Hill.

I was born and raised in this neighborhood, but that’s not to say I am writing this letter because I am clinging to the past. Truth be told, I am writing because I remember the past and feel I speak for many residents when I say that this publication could use more views and opinions offered by existing residents of our neighborhood and less of an outside view from Beacon Hill. It would be nice to read more news about people you grew up with, live near, or have come to know more recently.

Greg McNeil

Thank you from the Charlestown Lions Club

The members of the Charlestown Lions Club would like to thank everyone who donated coats to the Coats For Kids (adults and babies, too) drive which ended recently.   One hundred seventy-one coats were  collected and delivered to Anton’s Cleaners in  Somervile.  Anthon’s cleans them free of charge and  then they are distributed to those in need.

A big thank you also goes to Tom Coots of the  Charlestown Co-operative Bank for allowing the Lions to have their collection box in the bank on Main Street.

Rosemary Kverek

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