An American Tragedy

Last week’s shooting death of a young man walking out of the Bunker Hill Street development was a bit of horrific news we could have done without.

He was apparently shot dead by an assailant or assailants unknown, and he himself remained unknown as police found no identification on the dead man when he was removed from the scene.

Turns out his name was Willie Turner. He was 24 years old.

Police have no leads at this time.

Last week, we reported that this was the first homicide of the year in Charlestown.

We got that wrong.

For the record a man named Anthony Worrell, 28, of Roxbury was shot and killed on August 31 near the Walford Way and McNulty Court development.

Police have no leads in that one, either.

The case can be reasonably made that living in the Charlestown projects, now called developments, can be extremely dangerous.

The way this neighborhood has evolved positively in the past 30 years, it is incomprehensible to some of us how dangerous it remains for some people who live inside the projects or who come for a visit.

Bottom line, the projects remain potentially dangerous, and at times, murderous.

For the vast majority of project dwellers, life is all about getting by and getting up and out. It is not about drug dealing, gunplay and murder.

The two homicides this year are truly an American Tragedy. That they both occurred inside the projects is even worse.

Our condolences to the families of the two shooting victims.

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