VOTE Charlestown Gets Underway November 8

A new organization in Charlestown determined to increase voter turnout on November 8 and into the future is swinging into action.

Vote Charlestown is non-partisan, collective, inclusive, and is almost apolitical with regard to political candidates running for public office.

“This organization is all about bringing all factions, everyone, in fact, together in Charlestown for the purpose of increasing voter participation,” said Frank Perullo, a Charlestown resident and one of the new organization’s backers.

“This group is really exciting and it is destined to increase voter participation,” he added.

The Charlestown organization’s members have been passing around credentials and mission statements to civic leaders here in recent weeks.

The group is in its infancy and group organizers are not certain about how Vote Charlestown will formally organize.

“It could be a ‘not for profit’ or a PAC. We are exploring all the options,” said Perullo.

Vote Charlestown is asking every organization in the neighborhood to email their members to get out the vote on November 8.

The goal is to increase voter turnout.

“It is simple. Just vote. It is not about candidates. It is about community! We need everyone to vote in 02129,” said Perullo.

The following ground rules for the organization are enumerated as follows:

It is about the collective. Many people think voter turnout is important. This is not about individuals (background, history, role or reputation). It is about community. Please treat everyone equally.

It is non-partisan. Voter Turnout is a non-partisan issue (and municipal elections are non-partisan). Please do not engage in party politics.

It is not about candidates: We do not endorse candidates. Please do not mention candidates either positively or negatively.

It is not about positions. We have different opinions on issues, projects and policies impacting the neighborhood. We share an interest in having a voice and fair process whatever the outcome. Please do not speak about your opinion of a project or position.

It is not about endorsements. Again, we do not endorse candidates. Please do not use air time to side with one candidate or speak poorly of others.

It is about encouraging and supporting people’s right to vote. It is not about coercing or forcing people into voting. We will drive people to polls or help them find their way, but we want people to vote for the sake of voting. Please be encouraging above all else.

It is not about voting record. It is about voting future. Lovely committed and dedicated residents have missed voting. We all have had times in which getting to the polls is hard. Please focus on voting future.

We want Charlestown to do well and every neighborhood to do well. We are advocating for Charlestown, as every neighborhood should. We hope there is enough to go around. Please do not pit neighborhoods against each other.

To learn more about Vote Charlestown got to

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