Mayor’s Aide Jack Kelley Moving On

By Joshua Resnek

One of the mayor’s most popu­lar and hard working aides in the neighborhoods of Boston, Jack Kelley, is moving on.

Kelley, who grew up in Charlestown and who has worked for the mayor in Charlestown almost 5 years as his liaison, told the Patriot-Bridge last week that he is leaving his position.

“I love what I do. But I’ve told the mayor I need a change and that I want to see where I can go in my life beyond this position – which I have enjoyed,” he said.

“The mayor has been kind to me and he said he understood how I am feeling and he gave me his best wishes which means so much to me,” Kelley said.

Kelley is planning to remain on the job until the mayor has found a replacement for him.

In his spare time, Kelley is a disc jockey of local note. He also is a local blogger and writer – a young guy who has been around the block but who has risen sub­stantially from earlier difficulties that plagued him.

He is unambiguous about his bout with drugs some years back. One of his greatest ambitions is to remain involved with anti-drug efforts in Boston and perhaps at the state level.

“I’ve been working with anti-drug groups for years at the high­est levels. I think I bring a lot to the table in that milieu,” he added.

Kelley plans to remain in Charlestown.

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