The Rain

Two years ago, there was no sun, no warmth, no beach no nuthin as some would tend to say around here about a spring that never arrived and a summer that was absent without leave.

Two years ago, it rained so much and so often that the spring was obliterated and there were no beach days until the second week of July.

Some of us remember that because it is difficult to forget so much rain and cold when it is supposed to be warm and beach going dry.

During this week without sun, we are experiencing some of the rain and cold that drowned us 2 years ago, and which appears to be drowning us again.

Let’s hope this rain and cold and day after day without sun is not a repeat of 2 years ago.

New England weather changes from hour to hour.

Let’s believe we’re going to see the sunlight again, and soon.

Because really, nothing much else matters in the spring than sunlight and short sleeves.

And there isn’t an ounce of that right now

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