Census Show Charlestown has been Growing Steadily

-By John Lynds

Charlestown’s population has been growing steadily for the past two decades according to new figures released by the U.S. Census Department with the Asian and African American population growing while the white and Latino population remains steady.

As of 2010 Charlestown’s population is 16,439 an increase of 1,244 people when only 15,195 lived in the neighborhood in 2000. In 1990 14,718 people lived in Charlestown.

The U.S. Census shows that of the 16,439 people living in the neighborhood, 12,458 are white, an increase from when 11,885 lived here but less than 1990 when 13,927 whites lived in the neighborhood.

There are 747 black or African American residents compared to 2000 when 601 black or African American residents lived in Charlestown. In 1990, only 106 black or African Americans lived in the neighborhood.

The Latino population here remains steady at 1,591, slightly down from when 1,743 Latinos lived in Charlestown in 2000. Only 310 Latinos lived in Charlestown in 1990.

The Asian population in the neighborhood continues to rise here with 1,334 Asian residents in Charlestown, nearly doubling from when 798 lived here in 2000 and 316 lived in the neighborhood in 1990.

Rounding out the Census, there are 62 residents who recorded they were another race while 202 resident here were of two different races.

In Boston as a whole there are now 617,594 residents living in the city (589,141). Of that number 290,312 are white (290,972 in 2000), 138,073 are black or African American (138,902 in 2000), 107,917 are Latino (85,199), 54,846 are Asian (44,279 in 2000), 10,078 are from another race (8,227 in 2000) and 14,959 are from two different races (19,896 in 2000).

In Massachusetts the population total was 6,547,629 with 4,989,800 whites, 391,693 blacks or African Americans, 627,654 Latinos, 347, 495 Asians, 61,547 from other races and 122,195 from two or more races living in the Commonwealth

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