Police Briefs 03-17-2011

03/07/11 – Found Property

A resident on Ninth Street stated she was concerned because she found a pry type tool resting on the ledge of her exterior window. There was no damage but she was fearful that someone may have been trying to break in.

03/08/11 – Attempted Robbery, Knife

A victim reported that, while walking on Dunstable Street, she was approached by a Hispanic male wearing a black “hoodie.” The suspect stated “Give me your bag,” at which time a struggle ensued and the victim felt a pain in her side. The victim feels she may have been cut with a box cutter due to the fact her shirt had a slash in it although medical attention was not required. Officers canvased the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

03/08/11 – Larceny

A victim on Medford Street reported thatsomeone stole her cellphone from her jacket pocket. No suspect(s) known at this time.

03/09/11 – Violation of Auto Laws

As a result of traffic enforcement on Maffa Way, an individual was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

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