Week 1 Charlestown Youth Football vs. Swampscott

A day to learn for Charlestown Youth Football as three teams headed to the land of Swampscott to take on the Big Blue in an early season matchup.

Titan Division: Charlestown 6 – Swampscott 7

Charlestown scored on the opening possession after a 45 yard scamper from Angel Buret, one half of the dynamic twin duo, The Brother’s Buret . In addition to his TD run, Angel also recovered 2 fumbles, while the other Buret – Miguel terrorized the Swampscott offense with 6 tackles and a fumble recovery.

Charlestown led the entire game. Still up 6-0 Michael Sequiora temporarily saved the game by chasing down a Swampscott back after a 40-yard sprint down the sidelines.

Charlestown would make a goal line stand for that possession, but when Charlestown was unable to move the ball, Swampscott got the ball back with just over 2 minutes in great field position. They would punch it in, and one last gasp of a breakaway run by Angel Buret would come up short. The team is coached by Liam Fitz, Jimmy Yandle and Craig Sullivan who noted “this team is led by small, fast players.” Sounds like a recipe for success.

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