Davis Announces Her Candidacy For Democratic State Committee Woman

Henrietta Davis has announced her candidacy for State Committee Woman. The following is her statement:

“I’m Henrietta Davis, former Cambridge Mayor, asking for votes for Democratic State Committee Woman on March 5, the Presidential primary.  If elected, I will first (and foremost) galvanize Democrats to elect a Democratic president.  Second – and also important-I will link my State Senate district to the Democratic party.

I’m running in Senator Sal DiDomenico’s district and I am proud to have his endorsement!

Many people have asked me –“What is a Democratic State Committee Woman”?  I’m running to be one of 40 women across the state—one for each State Senate district– who will be elected by Democratic voters on March 5 to join the large State Committee.  In all there are over 400 members of that Committee, elected various ways to serve.  Each Senate district also has a Male Committee member. This term, the very able Brian Corr, with whom I hope to serve, is running unopposed.

As members of the large Democratic State Committee, committee women and men have the opportunity to be links to grassroots wards and precincts, informing the state committee of local issues and influencing the positions party members and elected officials take on such issues as climate, gun control, housing and the MBTA.  We also set the priorities for the party on political goals. This year that goal is obvious.  We absolutely must elect a Democratic president and get behind Joe Biden! Please see my website henriettadavis.org for more information.”

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