BHV and Cindy Sullivan Fitness Team Up To Offer Annual “Spring Into Action” Senior Fitness Week

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Spring is almost here, and so is Senior Fitness Week, “Spring Into Action!” Each year, Beacon Hill Village (BHV) and Cindy Sullivan of Cindy Sullivan Fitness partner to offer a full week of Senior Fitness classes from Monday, March 11th – Friday, March 15. This year marks the 7th time this program is being offered to adults aged 50 and over in Boston. This year the full week of programs is being offered free of charge to all participants. Four of the classes will be virtual and one will be offered in person.

Spring is a great time to jump into or strengthen your fitness routine. Exercise is a cornerstone of healthy aging, and fitting physical activity into one’s day can improve life in many ways. Regular exercise can improve strength and balance, boost mood and improve memory, and help manage or lessen the impact of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

“Running our Senior Fitness Week program for the seventh year fills me with immense excitement and pride,” said Cindy Sullivan, Certified In-Home Personal Trainer and Midlife/Senior Fitness Specialist. “It’s not just about the years we’ve been at it, but the countless lives we’ve positively impacted. This program isn’t just about exercise; it’s about fostering community, promoting vitality, and celebrating the incredible resilience of our senior participants!”

Fitness participant Nancy Serventi looks forward to Fitness Week each year. “Believe it or not, BHV Fitness Week is fun! It gives you a good sense of how you are progressing, and what needs extra attention. The classes are also an opportunity to socialize with friends, which is important as we age,” said Serventi.

This year’s class lineup includes:

Monday, March 11, 9:30 AM – Stretch and Flow (Zoom): This no floor stretch class is designed to increase flexibility and range of movement to improve activities for daily living. There is a combo of dynamic or flow stretching, with static stretching throughout class. At the end we will add deep breathing and final relaxation exercises to promote stress reduction and relaxation. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Tuesday, March 12, 11 AM – Total Body Workout (Zoom): Join us for our traditional weekly workout for Active Agers. This class combines a little bit of everything including low impact cardio, strength training, balance, and flexibility to target the entire body. Hand weights (or alternative), a resistance band, and a chair will be needed.10 minutes of mat work will be included. Can be modified for many levels.

Wednesday, march 13, 11 AM – Balance Training (Zoom): Exercises and tips on the importance of staying strong and preventing falls. Balance is the cooperation between the brain, nervous system, muscles, and bones; and the class will focus on improving that connection. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Thursday, March 14, 11 AM – Strength and Conditioning (Zoom): Learn the most important exercises to stay strong and independent. We will incorporate light hand weights (or alternatives such as canned goods), resistance bands (or towels), and body weight exercises into this fun class! Help to improve overall strength and balance and increase bone density. Can be modified for many levels.

Friday, March 15, 11 AM – Functional Fitness: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Inspired Workout (In Person at Suffolk University): Created as a tribute to the late, great RBG, sample some of the exercises she did with her trainer on a weekly basis. The workout will improve your “activities of daily living” and includes functional exercises that support four fitness goals for seniors: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Bring a mat or towel. Can be modified for many levels.

For this special week only, the class fee will be waived for all participants. Advance registration is required for all classes.

To register for one or any number of “Spring into Action” classes and discover new and fun ways to incorporate physical activity into your day, call the BHV office at 617-723-9713 or visit the website at  For questions on class descriptions or more event details email [email protected]. Don’t delay, classes are filling up fast.

Beacon Hill Village has been redefining aging in downtown Boston for two decades. We are a member-driven organization for Boston residents 50 and over which provides programs and services so that members can lead vibrant, active and healthy lives, while living in their own homes and neighborhoods.

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