Bunker Hill Associates Winds Down 2022 With Another Successful Townie Santa

Before the New Year, the Bunker Hill Associates were hard at work making sure the elderly and shut-ins of Charlestown had everything they needed for the holidays, capping off another successful year of fundraising with their annual Townie Santa, keeping alive a longstanding tradition in the community. With the help of their sponsors: the Charlestown YMCA, The Warren Tavern and Baby Boyle Bouquets, the Associates and volunteers packed, and hand delivered over 100 tote bags filled with blankets, flowers, and holiday essentials to families across Charlestown. And thanks to Karen, Bobby and the entire Collier family, each recipient was also provided with a home cooked meal. 

Over 40 volunteers of all Charlestown generations joined the Associates on the morning of December 18 to carry out the deliveries. “It’s awesome to see new faces getting involved in the community,” said Jimmy Lister, 2023 President of the Bunker Hill Associates. “Townie Santa has always been about making sure Charlestown’s elderly are not forgotten, especially during the holiday season. Seeing residents, new and old, stepping up to keep this tradition alive speaks volumes of the people in our community. I know it means a lot to these families!”

Secretary of the Associates, Kim Mahoney added, “It’s wonderful to see multiple organizations working together to ensure our most precious residents feel supported. Christmas is about giving back to those who need it most. We encourage everyone to ‘Be A Doer’ and make a difference in the New Year.”

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