Official Ribbon Cutting Held for McCarthy Playground

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Mayor Michelle Wu on Monday joined neighborhood residents for the official reopening of McCarthy Playground in Charlestown, also known as Edwards or Eden Street Playground. The event marked the unveiling of park renovations with a total budget of $1,515,000 funded by the Mayor’s Capital Improvement Plan. 

Fourth grade students from the Warren-Prescott Elementary School in Charlestown assisted Mayor Wu in cutting the ribbon on the newly renovated McCarthy Playground.

“There were four separate community meetings to discuss what would go into this park and we heard from neighbors throughout the entire process,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “We want to make sure everything we do in this city, we do right by our residents. I want to thank the Parks Department for incorporating everyone’s feedback to make sure that this would be a park that every generation will enjoy and one that we will be able to pass on for generations to come.” 

McCarthy Playground is a well-used and popular neighborhood playground located at the intersection of Eden Street and Main Street. The previous renovation took place in 2015, which included improvements to the basketball and hockey courts.

“Thanks to all the park users and neighbors who took part in our community meetings and helped select the new features you see today,” said Boston Parks Commissioner Ryan Woods. “We’re pleased to reopen this playground while we still have fall weather for Charlestown residents of all ages to enjoy it. The park will really shine in the new year with the return of spring.”

New features include a complete renovation of the playground with equipment for 2 to 5 and 5 to 12-year-olds, fencing, gates, drainage systems to meet Boston Water and Sewer Commission standards, lighting upgrades to improve efficiency, and shrub and tree plantings. There is now a walking path around the central lawn area with new seating, picnic areas with decorative paving, and a drinking fountain. Renovations have also been made to replace the hockey court kick boards, and to resurface, standards, backboards, and hoops at the basketball court. 

“The neighborhood is thrilled to have our little slice of heaven, McCarthy Playground, completed and open,” said local resident Megan Castro citing the new features including the bike repair station with pump. “The park has already been bustling with neighbors young and old who are thrilled to have the park back open and accessible to all. Thanks so much to Mayor Wu and the Boston Parks Department for doing such a beautiful job updating this community park.”

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