Gabriela Coletta Reflects on Win

After a hard-fought campaign, lifelong East Boston resident Gabriela “Gigi” Coletta came out on top during last week’s Special Election Preliminary for the District 1 City Council seat.

With only two official candidates on the ballot Coletta’s win last week means there’s no General Election and she will be sworn in as District 1 Councilor.

During the election Coletta, who squared off against political newcomer and fellow Eastie resident Tania Del Rio, carried all Charlestown Precincts.

Coletta went on to carry every Precinct in the North End and 11 out of 14 Precincts in Eastie. Along with Charlestown, the two other neighborhoods make up the rest of the council district.

“You have heard me say this before, and I will say it again with great pride, as your Councilor-elect: I am a daughter of District One,” said Coletta. “Every opportunity, every relationship, every inch of support – I am so grateful for everything that this community has given me. East Boston has given me so much and shaped me into the person I am today. This beautiful and diverse community has been the start of the American dream for so many immigrant families, including my own almost four generations ago when they climbed the Golden Staircase and settled on Cottage Street in Jeffries Point. I am so proud to be an East Bostonian.”

After winning, Coletta said she wanted to extend a particular note of gratitude to Del Rio.

“We elevated the dialogue to focus on policy and plans,” she said. “I look forward to working together to ensure our communities thrive. Thank you.”

Coletta said throughout her campaign she and her team made some ambitious plans together.

“I am expecting every single one of you to hold me to them because I meant every word,” said Coletta. “I meant it when I said that I will fight for affordable and workforce housing on Day One, because I know what it’s like to be priced out of our neighborhoods.I meant it when I said that I will fight for accessible and responsive government that works for the people, because I know that the nuts and bolts add up to make a big impact on our quality of life. And I especially meant it when I said that we need to govern with compassion, empathy and humanity at the center of decision-making.”

Coletta said she will do everything in her power to empower and amplify immigrant voices in City Hall and across Boston.

“I will use my platform to protect our coastline from the high risk of flooding due to climate change, to expand our parks and tree canopy, and to hold MassPort accountable — because everyone has a right to green space and to breathe clean air,” she said. “I will push for a facilities master plan for our public schools marked by investments in healthy learning environments. And I will fight like hell to close opportunity and achievement gaps by directly supporting children with special needs and English language learners.”

Coletta said she plans to hit the ground running once taking the oath of office.

“The work starts now,” she said. “You saw the energy and dedication with which I approached this race, but that was just a hint of what you can expect from me as your next Boston City Councilor. I cannot wait to get started. Thank you for your support, your votes, and your love.”

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