City Workers Union Backs Murphy for City Council At-Large

One of Boston’s largest coalition of city workers is getting behind Erin Murphy’s bid for an At-Large City Council seat, the latest sign of Erin’s broad-based appeal and ability to connect with working people in every neighborhood.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 93, an umbrella union organization that represents roughly 1,700 city workers, endorsed Erin’s candidacy because of her commitment to making life better for every family in every neighborhood. 

“This was a pretty easy decision for us, because of the type of leadership Erin has already demonstrated before even taking office,” said Tiger Stockbridge, President for AFSCME Council 93 of Local 1631 and co-chair of the AFSCME Boston Presidents. “Erin is the right person to have a leadership role in our city. She’s lived here her whole life, was a teacher in the Boston Public Schools for more than two decades, and raised her kids here. She’s been an advocate for her community, and she cares about the same things that our members and their families care about: safe streets in every neighborhood, good schools in every neighborhood, affordable housing in every neighborhood.”

Erin’s campaign has been gaining momentum since her strong fourth-place finish among a field of 17 candidates in the September 14 preliminary election, gathering support across the city as her message of inclusivity continues to connect ahead of the November 2nd final.

“Members of AFSCME Council 93 kept Boston going during the pandemic, a difficult time that created all kinds of personal and professional challenges,” Erin said. “Our city workers kept busting their tails through it all, and that’s the same work ethic I’ll bring to the City Council. I’m honored by their endorsement and I look forward to working with them once I’m elected.”

Erin’s campaign has been gathering steam all year, with a string of high-profile endorsements and a surge in grassroots support and volunteerism across the city. Erin has also been endorsed by, among others, Senator Nick Collins, State Representatives Dan Hunt, Ed Coppinger, and Dan Ryan, City Councilor Frank Baker and former City Councilor Sal LaMattina, Register of Deeds Stephen J. Murphy, the Massachusetts Nurses Association, Boston Firefighters Local 718, Laborers Local 223, the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, and Boston EMS.

A lifelong Dorchester resident, Erin has centered her campaign around being Boston’s go-to call at City Hall.

Erin’s vision for Boston and her campaign are built on her core beliefs:

•         Thriving, best-in-class public schools for every student in every neighborhood

•        A friendlier city for seniors, with a more compassionate policy focus

•        Stronger outreach to veterans, out of respect for their service and supporting their needs

•        Safer streets and policing across the City, prioritizing community policing

•        A firm plan to relieve the crisis at Mass & Cass that respects all stakeholder

               •             Reducing income inequality by promoting good jobs for all Bostonians

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