MyRWA Looking for Volunteers for Little Mystic Steering Committee

The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) is looking for volunteers to become members of the Little Mystic Channel Community Steering Committee, and has a deadline of June 4 to apply for consideration.

The Mystic River Watershed Association is creating a vision for a high-quality park along Little Mystic Channel (LMC). This waterbody is a long-forgotten corner of Boston’s waterfront, characterized by years of deferred maintenance and a lack of open space amenities. In partnership with the community, they hope to create a roadmap for how the waterfront open space could be enhanced to provide better opportunities for recreation, access to nature, social gatherings and climate resiliency.

“We are partnering with the City of Boston, Boston Planning and Development Agency and Massport to bring improvements to these waterfront open spaces,” MyRWA said. “This also includes coordination with PLAN: Charlestown and Climate Ready Boston Charlestown.”

MyRWA said it is incredibly important for local residents and workers to be intimately involved in the planning and implementation process of the LMC Park so that values and priorities are represented within the design. The LMC Steering Committee will be responsible for leading the vision, goals and direction of the project, as well as public meeting planning, recruitment and active participation. The LMC Steering Committee will be made up of 8-10 members from the Charlestown community. The hope is that the committee will reflect the diversity of interests, backgrounds, and ages of Charlestown residents, particularly those that are living or working near Little Mystic Channel. 

Each member will receive a stipend of $1,000 for their time and expertise, distributed in two installments. There is an option to decline stipend or donate funds to a local organization.

How to apply:  Go to the website below and fill out the application by Friday, June 4, 2021: MyRWA will follow up with a short interview.

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