Spring Has Sprung and Pier 6 Re-Opens to the Public

Just when those on the waterfront in the Navy Yard needed some good news, Charlestown Marina owners Chuck and Ann Lagasse stepped in to provide that welcome spark of spring re-opening.

Last weekend, they announced that the HarborWalk between Pier 6, 7 and 8 had been completed and was open to the public – just as the marina season opened up for them on May 1.

At the same time, Pier 6 Restaurant – which had gone into hibernation last winter – announced it would re-open and with some expanded outdoor seating a la the Lagasses.

“We are pleased to announce that the construction fences came down yesterday,” read the letter from Chuck and Ann. “The Harborwalks are now open to the public to enjoy and fully accessible. We still have some work to complete: installing the interpretive signage, furniture, planters, binoculars etc.  But we feel we can safely do that work while the HarborWalk is open.

“What makes this HarborWalk and our marina work even more meaningful is that a majority of the work and product was built and installed by a local company Blue Atlantic Fabricators in East Boston,” they continued. “During these challenging economic times, we have kept busy a local factory of diverse blue collar workers. These workers are as proud of this final product as we are and we thank them for their dedication.”

The Marina Office building is still undergoing construction, they said, but that should be complete in a few weeks.

The completion marks pretty much the end to an awful story where Pier 6 fell into a completely dilapidated condition some years ago, so much so that the state had to move in and take the property. The stewardship of that property was placed with the Attorney General’s Office, and Chuck and Ann Lagasse stepped in to revive the marina and its surroundings. Though they didn’t make the problem in any way, fixing it was a huge challenge that has taken years. Now, with it complete and their first season on the way – the ugly chapter of Pier 6 seems to be able to be filed away as a happier waterfront emerges there for the first time in more than a decade.

“May 1 is also the start of the season for Charlestown Marina, and our summer seasonal vessels will start arriving at Piers 6 and 8,” read the letter. “We have had good response to the Pier 6 location and look forward to an exciting first season.”

In other Pier 6 news, The Lagasses indicated that Pier 6 Restaurant – operated by Charlie Larner – would emerge from its hibernation and would be attempting to gain some outdoor seating on the HarborWalk.

“This summer the City again has allowed restaurants to obtain a license to use outside public spaces and Pier 6 Restaurant has received City approval to use the HarborWalk for some seating,” read the letter. “We have agreed to let them place 12 picnics tables on the northern harborside end of the pier for their customers and the general public use. The southern harborside end of the pier will be furnished with chaise lounges and planters for the general public use.”

All of it adds up to a re-awakening after a long, hard winter during the pandemic.

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