Police Briefs 04-08-2021

Charlestown Beat

Assault Aggravated

03/29/2021 – A victim walked into the District A-15 station at about 9:30 a.m. to report as she was walking down the stairs to walk her dog, her neighbor exited her apartment at 41 Carney Court and attacked the victim.

The victim stated the suspect swung at her multiple times while holding something shiny in her hands. The victim said she put up her hands to defend herself and was cut in the process before the suspect left the scene and reentered her apartment.

Officers responded to the suspect’s residence, but were unable to locate the individual. The victim said she believes the suspect isn’t mentally well.

The Best Team will be conducting a follow-up investigation on the suspect.

Assault Aggravated

03/26/2021 – Police responded to 75 West School St. at around 1:51 a.m., and on arrival, officers spoke to the victim, who stated he was walking to his car when a man wearing a dark-colored gaiter-style mask approached him from behind and cut the victim on the neck.

The victim was unable to identify the suspect because, he said, everything happened so fast that he blacked out.  Officers were unable to determine if victim was robbed or if anything was missing from the his motor vehicle at this time.

The victim was transported to Mass General for an evaluation.

Area A-1 detective arrived on scene, and are conducting a follow-up investigation.

Larceny – Theft from a Motor Vehicle

03/24/2021 – Police responded to 15 Washington St. at approximately 4 p.m., and, on arrival, spoke with the victim, who stated she had parked her motor vehicle in the area of 15 Washington. St. on Sunday, March 21, about 4 p.m. But when the victim returned to the vehicle on Wednesday, March 24, she observed the passenger’s side door was ajar, and after inspecting the vehicle for missing items, she discovered her jacket, along with loose coins, had been stolen from the vehicle.


04/05/2021 – Upon arrival at 4 Sheafe St.  at around 12:45 p.m., police met with the caller who stated an unknown person had entered their three-unit condo and taken some clothing left outside their apartment door on the second floor. The officers also spoke to the resident of Apartment #3, who stated she was missing a navy-blue Michael Kors long puffy coat she left hanging on the wall outside their apartment door on the third floor. A-1 Detectives responded to scene to gather evidence and video surveillance of a female suspect leaving the scene.

Larceny Theft From a Motor Vehicle

03/31/2021 – On arrival at 36 Baldwin St. at about 7:30p.m., the officer spoke to a victim, who reported her neighbor informed her that someone had rummaged through the victim’s vehicle in the early morning hours. After conducting an inventory of the motor vehicle, she determined that only an old iPhone and loose change were taken, but the victim said she had surveillance footage of the incident.

Warrant Arrest 03/29/2021 – Upon arrival at 41 Carney Court at 11:17 a.m., police had an active warrant out of Barnstable District Court for a female suspect. The officer confirmed the suspect was in fact inside the apartment, but the suspect refused to open the door. The Boston Fire Department responded to the scene and was able to gain entry into the apartment. The suspect was arrested without further incident and transported to District A-1, where she was booked in the usually manner.

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