Carla B. Monteiro Announces Candidacy for Council at-Large

Carla B. Monteiro (MSW, LCSW) announced her candidacy for Boston City Council at-large in Dorchester recently, surrounded virtually and in-person by family, community members, and leaders including Sheriff Steve Tompkins.

Monteiro lives out her deep-rooted values of compassion and caring for others through her professional career in social work. She believes we can achieve a Boston where everyone’s basic needs are met if we’re bold enough to imagine it and passionate enough to fight for it.

As a teen mother, Monteiro fought to overcome the housing insecurity, gun violence and mass incarceration that impacted her family and the lives of so many other Bostonians. With life-changing resources and support from government and local organizations, Monteiro obtained vocational training that enabled her to work her way up from an Associates’ Degree to a Bachelors and ultimately, obtain her Masters in Social Work and begin a stable career. 

“My story is possible because of all the resources that were available to help me succeed,” she said. “We must ensure all families can live well. In this period of healing and recovery, Boston’s City Council needs a social worker, one who knows how to put services in place for the people. As a social worker, I know what it takes to help our families and children be successful and how to prevent people from being left behind. I’m running for City Council to use my experience to ensure every Bostonian has what they need to thrive.” 

Carla B. Monteiro is running to represent every neighborhood of Boston as a City Councilor at-large. The preliminary election is on September 21, 2021. For more information, go to

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