AgeStrong Commission looking to get older residents vaccinated in Charlestown

The Age Strong Commission is working to get older residents vaccinated by helping them navigate their options and get access to vaccines. The Commission is looking for help identifying people age 75 and over who want the vaccine. Right now we are able to vaccinate people 75+ and are able to help register Boston residents. Registration is required to get the vaccine. As soon as the 65+ group opens, the Commission said it will help them too, but at this point they are unable to schedule them.  

AgeStrong is trying to target:

•People from communities of color or communities hard hit by COVID.

•People who cannot access the online scheduling portal/navigate vaccines on their own.

If there are Boston residents 75+ who want to get vaccinated, please:

•Ask them to call 311 and ask for the Age Strong Commission (we will then do a short intake with folks and our vaccine registration team will call them back to do the full registration).

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