State Rep. Santiago Still Considering a Run for Mayor

As more candidates announce their intentions to run for mayor – some who are in and some who are out – this week South End State Rep. Jon Santiago said he is still in the “consideration” stages.

In a letter to his supporters on Tuesday, Jan. 26, he said he is still considering running for mayor, and will decide based on conversations he has with constituents and residents of Boston in the coming days and weeks.

“While I am seriously considering running, I have not yet decided,” he wrote. “This is not a decision I will make lightly and it will be influenced by conversations with many of you over the coming days and weeks.”

He said that since he announced his interest, he has had an outpouring of support, with many long-time supporters urging him to run.

“I am humbled and honored that colleagues and friends throughout Boston believe that I have what it takes to lead our City,” he said.

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