Police Briefs 12-31-2020

Aggravated Assault

12/23/20 – As a result of a dispute on Polk Street, an individual suffered a stab wound to his hand. The suspect responsible fled the area on a moped, but was identified by officers, and warrants for his arrest are being sought.


12/23/20 – As a result of a motor vehicle accident on Main Street, an individual was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle under the influence.     


12/24/20 – A victim on Carney Court reported a package delivered to her home had been stolen. A witness identified the party that took the item and then matter is under investigation.

Auto Theft

12/24/20 – A victim on Tufts Street informed officers that she started her Nissan Rouge and left it running while she went back in her home, but when she came back outside, the car was gone.

Investigate Property

12/26/20 – A victim reported when he went to his storage unit on Rutherford Avenue to pick up his property, he saw that over $200,ooo worth of electronics and jewelry were missing. Detectives will investigate, and camera footage might be available to police.

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