Support Needed for NEW Health’s Food Insecurity Program

As the holiday season rolls around and the COVID testing lines continue to fill with eager travelers, we are again reminded of the severity of this pandemic’s lasting effects. For some, this may be the first time they see their family since the pandemic began, for others, this may be the first time without a roof over their head on Christmas day.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has affected us all harshly; some worse than others. Food insecurity remains a major issue plaguing our friends and neighbors. NEW Health has been combatting that issue since 2016 but has ramped up their efforts since the start of this pandemic. With the help of the community, NEW Health has been serving over 100 families per month, including children from the Harvard-Kent and Eliot Schools.

There’s no better time than the season of giving to continue this fight against food insecurity. This holiday season consider a donation to the Food Insecurity Program at NEW Health. For every $25 donated to the program, you will receive a holiday greeting card with the following message: This holiday season a donation was made in your honor to the Food Insecurity Program at NEW Health. This program helps provide food access for over 100 families every month.

If you are unable to donate $25 any amount helps, however, it is important to note that only donations of $25 dollars and over will receive a greeting card. You can buy as many greeting cards as you’d like. For a donation of $100 you will receive 5 greeting cards.

Every dollar donated is used to support NEW Health’s food insecurity services. With continued support from the community NEW Health hopes to expand their food insecurity efforts throughout the holiday season.

To make a donation and receive your holiday greeting card please visit or scan the QR Code included below. For questions concerning NEW Health Holiday Greeting Cards please contact Luisa Siniscalchi at 857-238-1176.

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