Gingerbread Houses

The Charlestown Branch of the Boston Public Library and the Essem Art Studio invite the community to a Cardboard Gingerbread House project. This virtual program will be go live on the Facebook page of the Charlestown Branch Boston Public Library on December 9th at 10am and will also publish on Essem Art Studio via Instagram. The community is invited to pick a Gingerbread House kit at the Kennedy Center or the Library, which includes candy, stickers and the cardboard milk box structure of the Gingerbread House. To pick up at the library please contact Eileen Whittle at [email protected]. To pick up at the Kennedy Center contact [email protected]. The Boys and Girls Club will also participate. If you can’t pick up materials, you can also opt in to upcycle a milk carton and use any crafting materials you have at home for this open ended project.

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