Unofficial Results: Boston Voters Overwhelmingly Support Biden in Presidential Race

While the final tally for the city’s unofficial election results wasn’t available on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 3, Boston voters overwhelmingly supported Democrat Joe Biden over Presidential Donald Trump on the road to the White House.

Nearly 83 percent of voters citywide cast a total of 225,368 ballots for the Democrat ticket of Biden and Vice President-hopeful Kamala Harris while President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence trailed with almost 16 percent of the ballot, or 42,707 votes cast.

Shreece Jones shows off her ‘I voted’ sticker after making her first vote for president at the Harvard Kent location on Election Day.
A modest line at the Harvard Kent School polling place pretty much stayed solid for most of Election Day on Nov. 3, as turnout citywide skyrocketed through in-person, and mail-in voting.

Statewide, Biden garnered the support of nearly 66 percent of voters to best Trump, who trailed with around 33 percent.

On Question 1, which allows car owners to access and share vehicle data with independent repair shops, nearly 75 percent of Boston voters cast a total 190,429 ballots to support it in contrast to the approximately 25 percent of the city’s voters cast who cast 63,872 ballots in opposition.

Similarly, 75 percent of voters statewide voted “yes” on Question 1 while 25 percent opposed it.

Ballot Question 2 – a binding referendum that enacts ranked-choice voting in primary and general elections – was supported by nearly 62 percent of the city’s voters (155,123 ballots cast) while around 38 percent (96,264 ballots cast) rejected it.

Ultimately, around 55 percent of voters statewide rejected Question 2 as opposed to the approximately 45 percent of voters who supported it.

Although the final tally was unavailable at the time of publication, Mayor Martin Walsh said Tuesday’s historic voter turnout in Boston was expected in the election – a milestone that can likely be attributed in part to early and mail-in voting in the election.

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