The Anchor has Fall and Halloween Covered in Charlestown

Halloween and fall activities might be curtailed, but the purveyors of The Anchor in the Navy Yard have fall covered in a big way this year, said operator Chris Sinclair.

The Anchor in the Navy Yard has brought the fall to the Town this year, with pumpkins, safe trick-or-treat and even a mini-apple orchard. Look for several safe events for families and adults to take place throughout the fall season.

Already, The Anchor has placed hundreds of pumpkins and fall decorations out at their outdoor facility by Shipyard Park. He said they plan to bring in a miniature apple orchard, have a child-friendly haunted Shipyard, have amateur and professional pumpkin carving events, and even an adult-oriented Halloween space on the mezzanine that opens at night.

“There are several hundred pumpkins at The Anchor now with more coming,” he said. “We’re planning on having children and families come down and decorate pumpkins. It will be safe, socially-distanced and the markers and supplies will be single-use. With trick-or-treating probably being cancelled and fall activities restricted, we thought we could bring all of that here to The Anchor and at least Charlestown is covered. We have the space and the exterior design team as well. Being outside separates us from a lot of places.”

Sinclair said they will be having several professional pumpkin carving events, with demonstrations lasting three to five hours.

“We’re hoping it can be kind of an event and they can dome watch them over a period of time take it from a simple pumpkin to a piece of art,” he said.

Beyond that, there is going to be 18 Apple trees brought in to create a small orchard at The Anchor, allowing apple picking and there will also be an event centered around apple pie and involving the Charlestown YMCA, the Boys & Girls Club and the Turn It Around group.

Closer to Halloween, they will have a safe trick-or-treat event where their food service workers will hand out pre-packaged candy to kids that come by.

With so much of the traditional fall fun on hold, Sinclair said he invites neighbors to come down to the Navy Yard as they bring the fall to Charlestown.

“If you can’t get to Topsfield or New Hampshire for the Autumn, you don’t have to miss out,” he said. “We’re bringing some of that here.”

To ensure there is no waste, when Halloween is over, they have arranged to ship all of their pumpkins to farms in the region where they will be used as food for livestock.

Stay tuned for details on the events at The Anchor, including a few interesting surprises.

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