The Anchor Partners With Community Organization for Voucher Program

The Anchor Venue in the Navy Yard is partnering with several local organizations to give free vouchers for food and beverages to kids in the neighborhood – including a potential socially-distanced afternoon for kids at the YMCA in Charlestown.

Chris Sinclair and Shelby Elwell of The Anchor announced the program on Monday, and said the hope is that since kids aren’t going to school, they would be able to come down to The Anchor for a meal, a beverage and a snack to get out for a bit.

“We’re working in collaboration with a few of the community organizations, including the YMCA, the Kennedy Center and the Boys and Girls Club,” said Elwell. “Our goal is specifically because kids aren’t going back to school buildings, we hope to make up for that lack of resources by distributing meal vouchers for use anytime The Anchor is open.”

With a full concession stand now, and more than 20 non-alcoholic drinks to include juices and smoothies, the option is a great getaway from the rigors of remote learning this fall.

“They don’t have to buy anything to use it and they can use it anytime we’re open until January 1,” said Sinclair. “We are going to be open all winter this year, closing after New Year’s Eve.”

YMCA officials at the announcement said they hope to have a back-to-school event for their members at The Anchor and utilize the vouchers while making customized facemasks and other crafts.

“We’re trying to get the details of that ironed out soon,” said Genesiz Gudiel of the YMCA.

Sinclair said he is excited to work with the partners to get the vouchers into the right hands, and to bring more youth to the Navy Yard to enjoy the waterfront and a meal.

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