Vidot Demonstrates Formidable Momentum with Two Weeks Until Election Day

With two weeks left until the Massachusetts Democratic Primary, Chelsea City Councilor Damali Vidot is showing tremendous momentum in her bid to unseat incumbent Dan Ryan, the campaign said this week.

In just three short months, At-Large Chelsea City Councilor, Damali Vidot, has raised $60,000 in her bid for the Second Suffolk State Representative seat, which represents all of Charlestown and most of Chelsea. In a race that easily could have been a shoe-in for an incumbent amidst a pandemic, Damali Vidot has mounted a formidable challenge through a grassroots organizing and fundraising infrastructure.

“I’ve run for office three separate times in Chelsea. In this campaign I managed to raise all of that money and then some in half the time during a global pandemic where we’re not able to do a traditional fundraiser as we have been able to do in the past”, said Vidot. “I’m receiving contributions from people on fixed incomes, from people that I know are digging deep to give $1, $3, or $5. I don’t take any of this lightly.”

Vidot noted that this outpouring of grassroots support is a testament to the strength of her campaign and the urgency of the moment.

“What my fundraising momentum tells me is that folks know that the systems of before weren’t working—that they were left behind,” she said. “I know that every dollar that we raise is going towards reaching those very same people. Each donation, even if it’s $1.38, is an investment in my leadership and our movement. I promise that I’m going to give back everything to my community.”  

Vidot has also experienced a huge outpouring of support from endorsers from community leaders, prominent organizations, and elected officials. The waves of support continue, from local and regional leaders, all of whom are committed to helping turn out the vote in these next two weeks.

“In order to serve residents and uplift my community, my work requires building where there is alignment on shared values with local leaders. That’s how I was able to create coalitions with organizations, community leaders, City Councilors, and state officials throughout Greater Boston to address housing insecurity, environmental injustice, and other key issues affecting the residents of Charlestown and Chelsea. It’s important for us to work collaboratively in the region so that we can continue to amplify community voices to affect change.”

To date, some 17 organizations have endorsed Vidot, include the Sierra Club and Progressive Massachusetts.

“Councilor Vidot’s race is demonstrating incredible momentum, and she is undoubtedly a formidable candidate in this race.  She has raised $60,000 in such a short time, and she has built a coalition of endorsers who will be out in force through election day,” said Clare Kelly, President of the Environmental League of Massachusetts. “ Electing Damali as State Representative is a priority for ELM Action Fund, and many other environmental justice organizations, because she understands the connections between racial equity, public health, and environmental policy. The 2nd Suffolk district needs her leadership.”

Within the Second Suffolk District, Councilor Vidot received endorsements from Councilors Enio Lopez and Yamir Rodriguez, School Committee Members Marisol Santiago and Roberto Jiménez-Rivera, and community leaders Joan Cromwell, Roseann Bongiovanni, Maria Belen Power, Fidel Maltez, Tito Meza, Zaida Ismatul Oliva, Daniel Occena, Christian and Danille Calvo, Minnie Cruz, Ceez Castro, Flor Palacios, Irma Mazzoni, Patricia Montes, the Garrity Family, Mswati Hanks, and Stacy Amaral.

Another notable endorsement comes from former At-Large Boston City Council candidate Alejandra St. Guillen, who ran at-large in the last Boston City Election and came up only a few votes shy of a seat.

“Damali leads with love – an authentic love for her community and her people,” she said. “I know she will be an amazing legislator. One who will launch into battle when she needs to and and also there to comfort her district when they need her the most. Damali is a person we should all strive to be and the Commonwealth would be not just lucky but truly blessed to have her there.”

With the primary election just 14 days away, Vidot is building the momentum to be elected to the State Representative seat, the campaign said. If successful, she would be the first Latina, and first woman, to represent the Second Suffolk District in the district’s history.

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