CMA Raises $1,300 for New Health Charlestown’s Food Insecurity Program

 On June 26 the Charlestown Mother’s Association conducted a fundraising campaign to help NEW Health Charlestown’s food insecurity program. In just over a week the campaign raised $1,300. The proceeds were used to purchase much-needed grocery store gift certificates to provide food-insecure children at the Harvard-Kent school in Charlestown.

Due to the pandemic, NEW Health has had to adapt its food insecurity program to account for the many changes in daily life. With some food-insecure children relying on school lunches as their main source of nutrition it has become imperative that NEW Health expands their efforts. 

The Charlestown Mother’s Association (CMA) reached out to CEO Jim Luisi and offered their support during this crucial time. CMA’s fundraiser asked those who had the means to do so to donate $6.26 on 6/26 to raise funds for NEW Health’s food insecurity program. 

On August 11 NEW Health delivered their final disbursement of gift certificates, purchased with funds raised by CMA, to Jason Gallagher, Principal of Harvard-Kent School. Board members from CMA were in attendance.

“It’s amazing to see so many people rally behind these children in such a short time,” said Jim Luisi. “Thank you to the Charlestown Mother’s Association for supporting our food insecurity program and the community.”

NEW Health has been operating its food insecurity program for the past 6 years. Traditionally, volunteers from NEW Health would deliver 60 bags of fresh produce to the Harvard-Kent School and 20 to the Eliot School every month. North End and Charlestown restaurants would donate meals to be served at the Harvard-Kent school, NEW Health Charlestown’s rooftop garden was used annually to teach children gardening skills, and a NEW Health Nutritionist hosted educational nutrition sessions.

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