Street Sweeping Tickets Begin Again on Aug. 10

The City of Boston and the Public Works Department today that ticketing enforcement during street sweeping operations will resume on Monday, August 10. As part of the announcement, the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) will not tow vehicles until further notice. However, tickets will be issued to those in violation of street sweeping rules starting August 10. Residents can sign up for street sweeping alerts at Parked cars will be given courtesy flyers in ten different languages reminding residents of street sweeping.

“As we continue to support a cautious and phased approach to reopening Boston, we are asking residents to move their vehicles during designated street sweeping hours to allow our Public Works crews to thoroughly clean our neighborhood streets,” said Chief of Streets Chris Osgood. “We know this may be a change in schedule for some of our residents, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation to ensure our streets remain clean during these challenging times.”      

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made in March to stop towing and ticketing during street sweeping operations. This measure encouraged residents to travel less and comply with social distancing recommendations. While the street sweeping program has continued citywide, residents were not required to move their vehicles during designated street sweeping hours.

Failure to move a vehicle during posted street sweeping hours results in a $40 fine, $90 in Charlestown, and $90 for overnight street sweeping.

The City is also waiving any parking ticket received by a healthcare worker upon appeal with the exception of public safety violations, such as parking in a handicapped spot or in front of a fire hydrant.

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