DiDomenico Secures Over $135 Million in Funding for District Projects in Transportation Bond Bill

Last week, Senator Sal DiDomenico and his colleagues in the Massachusetts State Senate passed a $17 billion transportation bond bill that will fund major transportation infrastructure projects across the Commonwealth in an effort to modernize, expand, and maintain our transportation system. 

“This bill places an emphasis on regional equity and accessibility when it comes to transportation, something that is much needed at a time like this,” stated Senator Sal DiDomenico. “Equal access to transportation is intrinsically connected with equal access to economic opportunity, and this bill seeks to increase this accessibility through major infrastructure improvements while also creating jobs to help those populations who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and plagued by economic uncertainty.”

Within the bill, Senator DiDomenico successfully secured funding for his district by facilitating the inclusion of language that allocated $108 million for transportation improvements in the West End of Boston by relocating a portion of Storrow Drive and its access ramps to Charles circle. In addition, Senator DiDomenico filed several amendments that were adopted into the final bill, including $1 million to assist with transportation improvement projects in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston.

“One of my top priorities was making sure our district received the necessary funds to invest in these key development projects, particularly in those areas that have long been in need of improvements,” explained Senator Sal DiDomenico. “It is critical that even during this period of financial hardship and uncertainty, we take the time to invest in modern, reliable infrastructure and create jobs at the same time. I am pleased that funding will be made available for our community and assist our city with resources for improvement projects in Charlestown.”

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