Bunker Hill Associates get Grant from Boston Resiliency Fund

The Bunker Hill Associates reported this week they were the recipient of a $45,000 grant from the Boston Resiliency Fund that will help them continue to deliver groceries to senior citizens in the community for another six to eight weeks.

President Maureen Collier and Past President Kim Mahoney said they were very happy to have received the funding, which is carefully audited and accounted for. They said Vice President Jimmy Lister Jr. looked into the program for the organization, and realized they qualified under the category of providing food to senior citizens. After a thorough application process, they were approved last Wednesday, April 29.

“We’re now hitting pretty much every part of Charlestown with our deliveries,” said Collier. “Because this is a delivery and limits contact and promotes social distancing, it’s one reason I think our COVID-19 positive cases have been low. That shows our seniors are listening to the mayor and social distancing and staying at home. I think this is a big help for them not having to get groceries and a big reason these rates remain so low.

“We’re happy to be doing this and taking care of the people who previously took care of us,” she added. “It’s paying it forward. It’s another example of us coming together as a community in a time of crisis.”

Mahoney said having the funding, in addition to the online restaurant raffle that was deemed a success late last month, they can continue on through the quarantine with deliveries.

“This says a lot of what the mayor thinks of our organization,” she said. “The mayor has been there every step of the way and he appreciates we are on the frontlines as a non-profit organization helping residents who need to stay inside. This will enable us to continue the program another six to eight weeks. With this funding and the restaurant raffle funding, we’re really going to have a big impact on the neighborhood.”

Mayor Martin Walsh and the Boston Resiliency Fund Steering Committee on April 29 announced the distribution of an additional $1.4 million in funds to support 18 organizations that provide critical services and support to residents, vulnerable populations, and Boston families whose wellbeing is most immediately impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency. 

That round of funding was aimed at providing continued support for several causes, including organizations working to give support for home-bound elders. To date, including this most recent funding award, the Boston Resiliency Fund has distributed $15.2 million in 96 emergency grants to 165 organizations.

“During these hard times, we’re working to ensure that every person in Boston has access to the care and support they need,” said Mayor Walsh. “Through the Boston Resiliency Fund, we are supporting local efforts of all scales – from large citywide operations to our community-based organizations, all of which are providing critical services to residents. With this funding, we are allocating resources that will allow organizations to bolster their operations and keep residents working, moving our city forward for everyone.”

The deliveries have been happening bi-weekly using the Baldor Food Company of Chelsea – a wholesale food company. The Associates are able to choose the grocery list they want and schedule deliveries. With the new funding, it will mean very welcomed oversight of the program, both said.

“There’s going to be an audit at the end of the year and you have to have your checks and balances in place,” said Mahoney. “I like that and it speaks to the level of integrity we have in our organization.”

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