Charlestown Votes: Democrats Remain United Against President Trump Following Super Tuesday Outcome

While some local Democratic leaders were shocked by the outcome of Super Tuesday, especially with Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s third-place finish in her home state, they agree that defeating Presidential Trump in November is their top priority.

For Charlestown and Boston voters citywide, that priority item rested on the shoulders of former Vice President Joe Biden – who won Charlestown, Boston overall and the state.

In Charlestown, Biden beat Warren by nearly 800 votes, getting 2,106 votes to her 1,245 votes. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders finished with 1,050 votes in Charlestown, while candidate Michael Bloomberg got 702 votes in the Town.

According to the City of Boston’s unofficial citywide election results, Biden narrowly edged out Sanders, with 30.11 percent (43,210 votes) and 30.07 percent of the ballot (43,154 votes), respectively. Warren trailed with 27.31 percent of the ballot (39,188 votes) while former New York City Mayor finished fourth with 8.28 percent, or 11,878 votes.

State Rep. Dan Ryan said the results in Boston and Charlestown showed how different the mindset is within the Democratic party.

“From first glance, the Boston results mirror the divergent philosophies among those who chose a Democratic ballot on Tuesday,” he said. “We need to keep reminding ourselves that the factions of the electorate who split the vote here in Boston have far more aligned with each other than any of us have with our November alternative.

“Primaries are about finding each ‘Party’s’ best chance to win in November,” he continued. “As a lifelong Democratic, I want us to, as soon as heavenly possible, decide the top of our ticket so we can begin the momentous effort to not only win back the White House, but Congress and multiple State Houses. The Republican dominance of our National Politics is nearly two generations old. It is time that the coalition that built the middle class and a safety net for those trying to reach it finds a unifying message.”

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Gus Bickford pointed to the voter turnout on Super Tuesday across all 14 participating states as a clear indication that “Democrats are energized and are eager to turn the page on the dark presidency of Donald Trump.”

Bickford added, “An incredible number of voters cast ballots in this Democratic primary for President because while income inequality is growing, while climate change is destroying our planet, and while racial inequities are persisting, the policies of Donald Trump have only made these and other crises worse. [Super Tuesday] marks the beginning of the reckoning for Donald Trump.”

Across the aisle, however, Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager, asserted that the election results suggest a sense of indecisiveness on the part of Democratic voters.

“The results only increase the likelihood that no candidate will have enough delegates for a first ballot victory at their convention, which only means more chaos,” Parscale said in an official statement. “The media is hyperventilating about Joe Biden, but everyone should remember that he is just as terrible a candidate right now as he was a few days ago. At the same time, establishment Democrats have ganged up to try to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination, which is causing even more mayhem. Even if Bernie is not on November’s ballot, his big government socialist ideas will be because they have become mainstream in today’s Democrat Party. President Trump will wipe the floor with whatever Democrat is unlucky enough to be the nominee.”

On the Republican side citywide, President Donald Trump easily topped the Boston Republican ballot with 6,469 votes (81.8 percent). Former Gov. William Weld garnered 982 votes (12.4 percent). In Charlestown, President Trump got 338 votes.

The Libertarian Party nomination went to Jacob George Hornberger with 34 votes (12.5 percent). The Green Party in Boston chose Dario Hunter with 26 votes (20.63 percent).     

Charlestown Ward

and Precincts

Charlestown Totals – –

Democrat –

•Joe Biden – 2,016

•Bernie Sanders – 1,050

•Elizabeth Warren – 1,245

•Michael Bloomberg – 702

Republican –

•Donald Trump – 338

2-1 – (Zelma Lacey House)

Joe Biden – 358

Bernie Sanders – 132

Elizabeth Warren – 220

Michael Bloomberg – 130

2-2 (Harvard-Kent School –)

Joe Biden – 367

Bernie Sanders – 189

Elizabeth Warren – 173

Michael Bloomberg – 157

2-3 (Zelma Lacey House)

Joe Biden – 290

Bernie Sanders – 93

Elizabeth Warren – 162

Michael Bloomberg – 109

2-4 (Harvard-Kent School –)

Joe Biden – 215

Bernie Sanders – 143

Elizabeth Warren – 123

Michael Bloomberg – 63

2-5 (Edwards Middle School –)

Joe Biden – 255

Bernie Sanders – 138

Elizabeth Warren – 163

Michael Bloomberg – 80

2-6 (Edwards Middle School)

Joe Biden – 281

Bernie Sanders – 154

Elizabeth Warren – 202

Michael Bloomberg – 92

2-7 (Golden Age Center)

Joe Biden – 250

Bernie Sanders – 201

Elizabeth Warren – 202

Michael Bloomberg – 71

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