Police Briefs 02-20-2020


02/11/20 – A victim on First Avenue reported she left her engagement ring on a counter in the women’s locker room, but when she returned, it was gone. Video footage of an individual entering the locker room is available, and detectives will investigate.

Larceny – Bike

02/12/20 – A victim reported he secured his bike at the Bunker Hill Community College bike dock, but when he returned, it was gone.


02/12/20 – Officers in the area of Pleasant Street placed an individual under arrest for an outstanding Roxbury Court warrant.


02/13/20 – A victim on Moulton Street reported her friend asked to use her phone and then took off with it. The phone was tracked as far as McNulty Court, but couldn’t be located.

Larceny 02/13/20 – A victim on Lexington Street reported packages left on her stairs were stolen. The suspect was captured on video that will be given to the A-1 detectives.

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