Coalition’s Shannon Lundin Promoted to Program Manager

Due to evolving needs of the Charlestown community and growth and expansion within the Charlestown Coalition, the previous Community Outreach Coordinator, Shannon Lundin, has been promoted to the Program Manager for Addiction and Recovery Services. In her new role, Lundin will be providing oversight of the Coalition’s addiction and recovery areas within its strategic plan, will be providing supervision to interns and residents seeking recovery coach certifications, and will be responsible for providing guidance and leadership as the work collectively as a community to deliver quality education, prevention, and treatment services. 

“I have the privilege of working with and been educated by some of the most brilliant and compassionate medical doctors at the most renowned hospital in the country for which I am incredible grateful,” said Coalition Director Sarah Coughlin. “However, I have learned the most about addiction and compassionate and effective care from Shannon. Her wisdom, compassion, grit, tenacity and passion are unparalleled. I look forward to watching her develop in this new role and continuing to learn from her.”

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