Police Briefs 07-11-2019

Charlestown Beat

Possession of a Firearm

07/02/19 – Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop in the area of Alford Street. As a result of the subsequent investigation, two individuals were placed under arrest for possession of a firearm; a Glock .40-caliber handgun with a 30-round magazine was recovered from the motor vehicle. 


07/05/19 – A victim on Elm Street reported two packages were delivered to her home and left on her landing, but when she got home, she observed that both packages had been opened and the contents removed.


07/05/19 – A victim on Caldwell Street reported she left her car key in her mailbox, but when she returned, it was gone. At this time, the vehicle hadn’t been taken.


07/06/19 – A victim on Medford Street reported she placed her backpack on the ground while taking pictures, and when she returned, her cell phone was missing from the bag.


07/07/19 – Offices in the area of Medford Street placed an individual under arrest for an outstanding Lynn Court warrant charging vandalism.

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